With over 200 different beer labels, Carlos Duran, thought it would be a great idea to combine a little knowledge with a little fun. A brand new concept in Beer Bars, Cervezas is now the proud host of a monthly Beer Tasting held the first Tuesday of every month at 7p.m. For a minimal $20.00, you can sample up to 20 different brands of beer. With someone on hand to answer questions and make suggestions, you can also munch on complimentary appetizers in between tastings.



Cervezas now hosting Karaoke Thursdays, for those of you who love to perform. Come have your favorite beer, while you listen, and join in on the singing. For those of you shy folks, enjoy a few brewskies, and who knows, we just might discover the next American Idol.

Shireen Sandoval, from Deco Drive, visited Cervezas today to see what all of the buzz was about. With Camera crew on hand, she interviewed Carlos Duran, the owner, who gave her a crash course on a few of his favorite beers. She gave both the beer and Cervezas 2 thumbs up!


You got fired. Your live-in girlfriend dumped and robbed you. The rent check bounced. The car has a flat. There are ants in your cereal. Your own dog mauled you. The sun is going down, and the electricity just got cut. When fate is pressing its sharpest knife to your throat, a three-day, beer-soaked vacation from reality is the only option. Behold South Miami's bender mecca, Cervezas, a no-bullshit sanctuary from the ever-increasing absurdity of human existence. This place is cool, dark, and packed so full of brew that you could easily drink for 72 hours and never see the bottom of your bottle. There are 200 kinds of local, microbrew, import, fine, and not-so-fine suds, including Florida's Native Lager; Cooperstown's Ommegang Abbey, Canada's Labatt Blue, and Belgium's St. Bernardus Abt 12. Almost nothing costs more than $6. So get drunk and wash the curse away, if only till sobriety brings your bad luck barreling back again. Link to Best Bar for a Bender.... click here.............